Finding your new home

I will make sure that we find the right place for you!

Picking the right school

Let me help you find the right school for your kids!

Assisting with bureaucracy

I will help you save valuable time!

Helping everything else

I wish to make your move less stressful for you!

“Christine has been of great help during my relocation to Seattle”


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Finding your new home​

Picking the right school

Whether you are looking for a private or public school, the Bay Area offers top rated schools. Parents can chose from a wide variety of institutions. San Jose only has 92 private schools! Just like anywhere else, the quality of schools varies enormously in character and quality.

Assist you with buereaucracy​

Finding your new home

The Bay Area of San Francisco is among the most expensive but also most beautiful areas of the United States. However, there are major differences among the various neighborhoods.

Picking the right school​

Assist you with bureaucracy

A friend of mine who recently moved to Palo Alto, spent eight hours at DMV to obtain her California driver license. The Department of Motor Vehicles is well known for its long queues and wait times. I have been through that and it was very frustrating.

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