About Me

For the last 15 years, I have lived the relocating life. I will soon be moving to house number 15. That’s 15 homes in 15 years. It will be the last one for the next 20 years. That‘s my plan. I am your relocation expert.
I have moved with and without kids; for jobs and for pleasure; for internships and studies; to Europe, South Africa, Australia and the U.S. I am fluent in English, German and French.
Whilst moving around the globe, I completed a Masters degree in Business Administration in Vienna and a Postgraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution in Australia. I am also a certified mediator.
I have always loved to live and work abroad. I taught business administration at a university in Papua New Guinea. I worked for multinational consulting companies and travelled to China for business. I interned in Kyrgyzstan and volunteered in Israel. I sent my kids to school for a semester in South Africa.


I know how tiring and challenging a relocation to a different country can be.
Let me help you to settle down without all the worries I had when I moved to the Bay Area. I can give you first hand advice about this beautiful area. 

Let me assist you on this fascinating journey.

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